Labradorite Bracelet Set


Handmade Labradorite Bracelet Set: mixed 7-9mm gemstone beaded bracelet strung on strong elastic cord. Size: Medium (6-3/4″).

A member of the feldspar family, Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone that ranges in color from dark gray to gray-black with colorful iridescence or labradorescence. These lustrous metallic tints result from the layered structure of this feldspar – light enters the stone and is refracted back and forth between layers.

Fresh Picked Jewels offers a wide variety of Labradorite jewelry, all handmade using hand-picked high quality gemstone beads! Our artisan jewelry is one-of-a-kind, but if you see something you like and would like a specific size or color, please feel free to send us an email! We are happy to create custom jewelry that reflects your unique style.

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