Garnet Bracelet With Wire-Wrapped Sterling Silver Earrings


Handmade Garnet Bracelet With Wire-Wrapped Sterling Silver Earrings: 6mm gemstone beaded bracelet strung on strong elastic cord. Bracelet size: Medium (7″). Sterling Silver Earrings are approx 1-1/4″ tall.

A garnet stone is often gifted to a loved one before they embark on travel. Garnets are commonly believed to aid in the healing of broken bonds of love. Garnets are also known to aid in the treatment of melancholy and depression by acting as a heart and blood stimulant.

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Fresh Picked Jewels offers a wide variety of Garnet jewelry, all handmade using hand-picked high quality gemstone beads! Our artisan jewelry is one-of-a-kind, but if you see something you like and would like a specific size or color, please feel free to send us an email! We are happy to create custom jewelry that reflects your unique style.

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