Flower and Bee Gemstone Rings


Flower and Bee Gemstone Rings: featuring 3mm tourmaline beads with a silver flower and red jasper beads with a bee bead, strung on a durable elastic cord.

Tourmaline is renowned for its stunning spectrum of hues, including vibrant pinks, greens, blues, and even black. Tourmaline’s multi-colored nature has earned it the nickname “the rainbow gem.” Beyond its captivating beauty, tourmaline is believed to promote emotional well-being and balance. It is often associated with creating a sense of calmness, reducing anxiety, and enhancing self-confidence.

Red Jasper is an earthy gemstone known for its deep red color and grounding properties. This opaque gemstone is formed from silica-rich sedimentary rocks, and its red color is attributed to the presence of iron oxide within its composition. Red Jasper is often recommended for individuals who seek to cultivate a greater sense of presence, courage, and resilience in their lives.

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