Colorful Agate Necklace With Cactus


Handmade Colorful Agate Necklace With Cactus: 4mm faceted agate beads strung with a silver cactus. Length: 17″.

Agate is a variety of banded chalcedony, which is a type of mineral rock within the quartz family. Agate is believed to enhance creativity and self-expression. Its diverse patterns and colors can inspire creative thinking and artistic endeavors; helping individuals express their thoughts and feelings with authenticity.

Our gemstone necklaces are understated with low-key proportions that make them perfect for stacking or grouping together. Another option is a ruby necklace.

Fresh Picked Jewels offers a wide variety of necklaces, all handmade using hand-picked high quality gemstone beads! Our artisan jewelry is one-of-a-kind, but if you see something you like and would like a specific size or color, please feel free to send us an email! We are happy to create custom jewelry that reflects your unique style.

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