Amazonite and Ruby Dragonfly Necklace


Handmade Amazonite and Ruby Dragonfly Necklace: 4mm-8mm amazonite oval beads hand knotted with dragonfly and ruby charms and a sterling silver magnetic clasp. Length: 16.5″.

Hand knotting is a very time consuming process but the end result is unmatched. Intentionally placed knots are secured by hand for longevity and aesthetics. The high-quality gemstones provide a substantial weight and beautiful drape that looks and feels luxurious. A sterling silver magnetic clasp finishes off this beautiful necklace.

Dragonflies start life in the water, but unlike other winged insects, they do not undergo a pupal stage. They go straight from water to air. It is because of this transformation that dragonflies are associated with change and the ability to embrace new opportunities.

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