Introducing Our Harvest Collection

Our Harvest Collection: Elegant earth-toned gemstone bracelets featuring: Rhodonite, Matte Amethyst, Sodalite, African Turquoise, Matte Agate, Matte Netstone, Matte Picture Jasper, Matte Tigereye, and Matte Black Stone.

12 Elegant Earth-toned Gemstone Bracelets (6mm) Featuring:
Matte Amethyst
African Turquoise
Matte Coconut Agate
Matte Indian Agate
Matte Tree Agate
Matte Netstone
Matte Picture Jasper
Matte Tigereye
Matte Black Stone
Matte Brick Agate

All gemstone bracelets are strung on strong elastic cord. Size: Medium (7-1/4″). Bag and tag included. Free shipping anywhere in the US!