Botswana Agate: Stone of Comfort

Botswana Agate Hand Knotted NecklaceStone of Comfort

Botswana agate characteristics. Its name comes from the country of Africa where it is mined. The agate is a type of quartz made of parallel, concentric or waving bands and can be found in different colors. The most royal of agates, Botswana agate is famed for its history, scarcity and beauty.

The banding in Botswana agate is what makes it unique and beautiful. Commonly agates form multicolored bands in pale shades of gray, blue, brown, white, pink, green, black, yellow, purple, red, and orange. These gemstones are normally translucent to opaque. The formation of the bands within an agate is an incredibly slow process. The degree of banding depends on the characteristics of the lava flow that aided in forming the agates.

Metaphysically, Botswana Agate is a comfort stone, beneficial in overcoming depression, and strengthening during a grieving process. It helps alleviate obsessive thoughts and destructive mental patterns, and assists in overcoming fears, such as agoraphobia and panic attacks in crowded places.

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